The Ultimate 2022 Guide to the Best Magnet Fishing Gear

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Do you ever imagine what it would be like if you went treasure hunting in the water and found valuable items? It sounds like an adventure. Magnet fishing is a fun hobby that you can do with your family, including children. Imagine your children pull out a metal treasure. The excitement itself will create the best memories.

Thousands of people drop their items in the water each day and cannot retrieve them. These items can range from small metal objects like jewelry to big items such as bicycles. That’s why people choose to magnet fish for these items. There is no guarantee of catching a valuable item, yet, many people purchase the best magnet fishing gear to fish these items.

Magnet fishing is a hobby similar to metal detecting, whereby you use a magnet to find metal objects in water bodies. Like metal detecting, the first and most important thing you need to consider before going magnet fishing is the magnet fishing gear. That means you need to get the best neodymium magnets and a strong rope for the job.

This free magnet fishing guide will provide you with details to help you choose the magnet fishing gear that is best for you to purchase in 2022.

Magnet Fishing Guide For Beginners

For magnet fishing gear, you’ll need equipment such as a strong neodymium magnet to catch the metal objects, a strong rope that ties to your magnet, and gloves to help you hold the rope with a grip. Other items include a carabiner and a grappling hook.

When choosing the fishing gear, you should always consider the location. For instance, a magnet with low pulling force cannot withstand a river with high currents. A good fishing magnet should have the pulling force to pull any object, no matter the surrounding conditions.

However, if you have strong magnet fishing magnets, but the ropes aren’t strong enough for the pull force, they’re likely to break, and you’ll lose the magnets. Losing a magnet is part of the game, and you can retrieve it if you know what you are doing. Never dive into the river to retrieve your magnet. Check how to remove a stuck magnet or ask for assistance from a professional.

Even though magnet fishing is a hobby, it has dangers that need to be addressed. For instance, it is possible to catch dangerous items such as guns, bombs, and knives. Most of these items are not safe to handle. Thus, it is better to be prepared with magnet fishing safety measures. Also, ensure that your country considers magnet fishing legal.

The Best Magnet Fishing Gear You Must Have.

Finding the right magnet or rope can be the only thing you need to locate exciting finds in the water. Strong magnets give you the necessary pulling power to hold to any object, no matter the size, while a strong rope ensures that you pull the object to the surface.

Finding metal objects should be easy with the right fishing gear. We have created a free magnet fishing guide to help you choose the correct magnet fishing gear.

Magnet fishing magnets

The best magnet fishing magnets are made from a rare earth metal that creates its magnetic field, thus making them the strongest magnets. The magnet is known as a neodymium magnet. The best neodymium magnets are made by Brute Magnetics and come in a Brute box.

The two types of magnets are double-sided and single-sided magnets. Double-sided magnets have the pull force divided into both sides, which equals half on either side. But, for the single-sided, the strength is on the lower side. The best magnet fishing magnets are single-sided because they are more firm and can endure heavy lifting. Double-sided magnets are used to scan the bottom of the river for objects.

You can find magnets in different sizes, shapes, and strengths. They are made for magnet fishing hobbyists of different levels, from beginners to experts. The range in strength differs depending on the pull force. Some can pull a metal object of 400lbs while others can pull over 2500lbs. A powerful neodymium magnet can pull a motorcycle out of water.


The next thing on your list is the rope. A solid synthetic rope made from nylon is the best. Nylon ropes are resistant to rot and water. Since you will work with water at all times, you need a rope that can withstand harsh conditions. Ropes tend to get heavy when they soak in water, but a water-resistant rope can’t get heavy.


Even though magnet fishing is a fun and exciting hobby, it can become dangerous, especially when dealing with rusty metal objects. These objects can cut your hand if you don’t have suitable gloves. To prevent this, ensure that you have a cut-resistant glove.

Also, the gloves should be water-resistant to give you enough grip when pulling the rope from the water. Water-resistant gloves ensure the surface is dry, and you can hold onto the rope with a good grip.

Grappling hook

You don’t need a grappling hook in every fishing adventure you undertake. Especially when you are fishing on a bridge, here, the magnet will work perfectly.

However, it is necessary when you are fishing from another angle, especially on docks, canals, or a boat. It will grip onto the item to remove it from where it is stuck. Also, you can use it to provide support to the magnet when the item is heavy.

It’s also a good tool if you lose your magnet. You can use a grappling hook to retrieve the magnet fishing magnets.


A carabiner isn’t a critical item to purchase, but it is a piece of good equipment if you use different magnets and you need to swap them.

To use the carabiner, you tie one end of the rope to it and attach it to the eyebolt of the magnet. If you want to change the magnet, open the carabiner and swap it out.


As you have noted, magnet fishing gear is essential for catching interesting finds. Each tool has its purpose when it comes to magnet fishing. If you mistake picking one lousy tool, it might cost you by losing your magnet in the water. Ensure you confirm the fishing grounds’ location before you pick a magnet.

By now, you should know the type of fishing gear you want for your magnet fishing journey. It can be hard selecting the right gear. However, you can decide to purchase the complete magnet fishing kit from a company such as Brute Magnetics.
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