About Us

Hi, I’m Chris Wright. I, as most know, am in love with the hobby of magnet fishing! Friends and family suggested I start a blog with tips and tricks that I use to items in any waters and what gear is great for people starting out in this hobby, and even some tips for the pros (and from the pros)!

Chris Wright - Magnet fisherman
Chris Wright – Magnet fisherman

Our mission statement is simple: To provide a enjoyable atmosphere where readers can get quick information about magnet fishing and fall in love with the hobby as we did. I believe it’s less expensive to read an article about the hobby you enjoy than losing expensive gear in unforgiving rivers.

I’ve been magnet fishing for several years, I’ve bought great gear, and bought some real junky stuff (that was supposed to be great). I’ve also lost a lot of gear in the waters of Montana, and hope to help my readers not lose their gear.

So again, friends and family who know I enjoy this “sport” told me I should put together all the great information I keep giving to them, that other people might like to know. So I sat down and wrote out a bunch of articles that I feel will help the beginner. My idea was to help the beginner as most old-timers like me, probably wouldn’t need this information.

So to the beginner magnet fisherman, we welcome you, support you, and hope you find our information useful.