How Magnet Fishing Finds Made These Men Rich

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Magnet fishing is one of the most underrated hobbies that you can do and collect expensive finds. Thanks to magnet fishing finds, people have earned from what they magnet fish.

Magnet fishing started as a fun hobby on your day off, and now it has turned into a full-time job for magnet fishermen trying to find valuable metal objects. As you know, it’s not certain that you will find valuable stuff. In some cases, you can find scraps that are not worth a penny. However, in other scenarios, a magnet fishing find can be valuable.

Finding a valuable object depends on the location you choose. Some people have found the best sites to fish, and they have collected useful objects.

Best magnet fishing find To expect

You should understand that you can’t just pick up your neodymium magnet and expect to find expensive objects. You need to have magnet fishing tips to guide you through your journey. Finding items might take a while, or it might not happen. Sometimes it’s luck.

Magnet fishing is a hobby that can be productive, and you can find valuable items even though it happens by chance. Here are some magnet fishing finds;

  • Guns
  • Safes
  • Knives
  • Grappling hook, fishing hooks, and lures.
  • Cash box
  • Bullets
  • Bikes
  • Antiques
  • Jewelry
  • Tools

Dangerous items such as guns, bombs, and other explosive devices should be taken to the local authorities. If you find an item you can’t identify, call the authorities through a non-emergency number so that they can confirm the object.

Expensive magnet fishing finds

Diamond Bracelet

In England, a magnet fisher found two diamond bracelets when he was magnet fishing in the Thames river bed in jolly. The diamonds were in a safe along with coins. They might have been from robbery and then dumped in the river.

The value of a piece of carat diamond is very high and can range from $2,000 to $25,000. The price depends on the shape and condition of the diamond bracelet. Diamonds aren’t attracted to a magnet, but you can find them if they are in a safe. Safes are among the common finds. Most of them are empty, but by chance others are yet to be

You can find that some items are damaged by water because of the rust, hence reducing the item’s value by a huge figure. But, this man found the bracelets in good condition, and if he sold them, then he is rich from one catch.

YouTuber Cuba Jake Found 10 scooters

The location you choose to magnet fish determines what you are going to find. Even if you have more than one magnet, it doesn’t guarantee a catch. This YouTuber chose a pond near a park, and with his double-sided magnet, he started fishing. Little did he know, he would start picking big objects from the pond.

As he started, he removed a fully functioning scooter from the pond. As he continued to fish, the more scooters he proceeded to fish, including electric bicycles, a beach cruiser, and a shopping cart.

According to Jake, this is the best magnet fishing find he has ever encountered since he started magnet fishing. The location he chose was a pond near a park because most people use that route as they walk.

He also found items such as knives and metal bars. But, this isn’t relevant, especially when you have 11 scooters that are working fine.

The video didn’t show the appraisal value of the items, however, he stood to gain a lot of money if he decided to repair and sell the items from his find.

A Gold Earring in Amsterdam

A tourist visiting Amsterdam decided to rest in a canal and magnet fish in search of valuable items. What he didn’t know is that that would be his lucky day.

When he started pulling objects, he stumbled upon a monitor, a bike, and various coins. In the end, he found a gold earring. Objects like gold are not attracted to a magnet, but you can use fishing hooks to retrieve them from the water.

The value of Gold is $1,954 per ounce, which is about $63 per gram. You can’t be sure when you will find an expensive item, but you have to try until you are lucky.

A New Motorcycle

Like we said earlier, magnet fishing finds are very interesting, and you need strong neodymium magnets with a strong pulling force that can handle any object.

Michael Trim and his Wife Trisha decided to go magnet fishing in the Milwaukee River, which turned into a surprise for them as they found a brand-new BMX bike. They pulled the bike with their stronger magnet to the surface. Once on the surface, they found that it was still working and the wheels had air in them.

The probability of these happening is low, but it does happen, and you never know when. In most fishing details, finding metal objects, such as these, are in parts that have rusted beyond repair. But, you can check for evidence in YouTube videos.

Sniper Rifle

Dangerous items such as machine guns are often found and are an exception because they should be handed over to the police. In this case, the grandfather, Duane Smith, and the 11-year-old grandson went to magnet fish in a Miami Canal.

Since it was their first time, they didn’t purchase the strongest magnet in the market, but decided to use a five-pound magnet capable of low pulling force. They fished a few scrap metals and .50-caliber Barrett sniper rifles.

Smith is a retired soldier who valued the sniper rifles at $20,000 per rifle since they were military-grade, and they also weighed about 20 pounds each. Once he cleaned them, he found that the serial numbers had been scratched off. He then turned them over to the police.


In conclusion, magnet fishing finds can be a turnaround for your life, but this happens on rare occasions. Even though you may not find one expensive item, you can accumulate it through different finds.

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