Is magnet fishing safe? What You Need to Know About Safe Magnet fishing

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With the increase in the popularity of magnet fishing, you’ve probably heard controversies about the dangers of magnetic fishing. In this case, it’s all true. Yes, it is a danger to magnet fishers, but when you magnet fish, you conserve the environment, protect aquatic animals, and have fun.

Anything done on water bodies can have consequences such as drowning. Even in magnet fishing, the fishing magnets can pull you into the water, resulting in drowning. Also, another danger comes from the objects that you retrieve underwater.

But before we tarnish magnet fishing as a dangerous hobby, you need to understand that every activity has pros and cons. And you can’t stop doing an activity because of a disadvantage. If you follow the magnet fishing safety measures, there will be no dangers in your magnet fishing adventure.

This article will highlight the dangers surrounding fishing magnets and safe magnet fishing tips for magnet fishers.

How to ensure Safe magnet fishing

Magnetic fishing involves throwing strong neodymium magnets into the water in the hunt for submerged metal objects. It is called magnet fishing because, unlike metal detecting, which is done on land, this is done in water like fishing.

Safety is essential when you go for this outdoor activity. Avoid these things to ensure you are safe when magnet fishing.

  • Never tie the fishing magnet rope to yourself. If the magnet has a strong pull force, it can drag you into the water.
  • If magnet fishing alone, carry your phone and inform others of your location. If possible, ask your friends to accompany you.
  • Determine the magnet’s strength, and ensure you have the power to lift it when it is attached to another item.
  • Purchase high-quality items to avoid any mistakes in the water.
  • Learn how to tie a knot properly. A poorly tied knot can result in losing a magnet. Don’t dive into the water to search for your magnet; it can be dangerous.
  • Fish near highly populated areas. Avoid places with high cliffs.

Magnet Fishing Safety Tips

Wear Protective clothing

It is better to protect your body from unnecessary dangers when working with water. Protective clothing includes gloves, good shoes, and a floating vest.

Gloves protect you from getting cut by the metal items you retrieve from the water. The rusty items have toxins, and if they cut you, they can infect your body. Shoes help you have a good grip when in slippery areas to avoid slipping into the water.

Research the location

Before going magnet fishing, know the area you are going for treasure hunting. Some areas are prohibited because of their dangers, and some aren’t. Proper research can save your life.

Never take Unknown Items

Not everyone knows what a bomb looks like. So, if you aren’t sure about the item, it is better to call the authorities before you take it home. Use the non-emergency number to call the police.

Keep your gear clean

After you finish magnet fishing, it is good to clean your equipment. If you don’t clean the rust off a magnet, it will start rusting with time. Once you are done cleaning, store them in a safe place away from metal objects.

Top Dangers of Magnet Fishing:

Risk of Drowning

For magnetic fishers who don’t know how to swim, it’s advisable that they magnet fish from a bridge or the shore of a river. Anytime you are in the water, there is a danger of drowning.

Drowning doesn’t happen necessarily when you dive into the water. In some cases, you could slide, get pulled by the magnet, or be thrown into the water by strong currents. Any mistake can cause you to drown.

For instance, a neodymium magnet is a very strong magnet made with a pulling force capable of receiving an item with a weight of over 2500lbs. If a mistake happens and the magnet is stuck underwater, while you are struggling to pull the magnet, the strong magnetic force is can pull you into the water.

There is a case of two magnet fishers where one fell into the water, and the other went after him to try and save him, and they drowned in the process.

Drowning can happen even in normal fishing, and you can avoid this by wearing protective clothing if you are going into deep water or standing on a bridge with strong support. Also, finding metal objects on your own should be done in a group.

Tangled ropes

Magnet fishing magnets require at least one rope for them to work. But, circumstances can force you to use more than one rope, especially in a river with high tides.

The chances of two ropes tangling are high. At first, it has no real dangers, but if you don’t manage them properly, you can trip over them and fall into the water.

Ensure you use a high-quality rope. They are not easy to tangle with each other. Ropes that come with the fishing magnet aren’t high-quality ropes. Also, remove any rope that you aren’t using.

Weapons and explosive devices found

It’s not every day that people find weapons in water. It is easier to find electronic devices than weapons. But, it happens, and people have found other devices that were yet to explode. Most items come from crimes, and others are there because of the world war or the water body near military bases.

First, things like guns found in the water can be dangerous because of the rust and damage. It’s easier to shoot yourself if you don’t handle them carefully. Provide the gun to the police, and it might be linked to a crime, which can help solve a cold case.

Secondly, items such as bombs and grenades can fail to work correctly because of damage. Since they don’t work well, they are unstable, and if you aren’t aware of that, they can go off, killing you and other fishers near you. Call the police once you find such items.

Magnet fishing legal Dangers

Legal dangers include trespassing and keeping items that are dangerous and don’t belong to you. In most countries, it is legal to magnet fish. But, it’s still illegal when you enter a water body that is privately owned. If you are caught fishing in this area, you can face charges.

Also, anything you take from a private area belongs to the owners. However, in public places, this includes items such as guns. It is illegal to take home a gun that doesn’t belong to you. Worse still, it can be a gun linked to a crime.


Magnet fishing is a safe outdoor activity that can allow you to spend quality time with your friend and family. It’s not every day that you hear people injured when they were magnet fishing. But this happens when they don’t follow the necessary magnet fishing safety measures. Follow the state laws on safe magnet fishing and the general laws.

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