Best Magnet For Magnet Fishing Shallow Water

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The first thing to do before you start your magnet fishing magnets journey is to find the correct magnet suitable for the location of the river. Water bodies are different in terms of depth and size. The water body size doesn’t matter, but the magnet can be different for shallow and deep rivers.

You don’t need a magnet with a strong pulling force for shallow waters because you can be standing in the water. A medium magnet can have its strength ranging from 400 lbs to 1000lbs. Magnets with this pulling force are the best magnets in shallow water. With the correct magnet fishing gear, you can fish smoothly.

You can find shallow waters in docks, parks, bridges, or small water streams. The water in these areas is calm except when it is windy. Calm waterbodies don’t require a heavy and powerful magnet for smooth fishing. A simple medium magnet has enough pull force to pull an item.

What to look for in a shallow water fishing magnet

There are different types of fishing magnets available. But the best magnets are made of a rare earth metal called neodymium magnets. Neodymium is a strong magnet capable of handling more than 3500 lbs. It varies in type and strength. The N52 neodymium magnet is the most common magnet used for treasure hunting.

There are various things you can look for in a fishing magnet, first is the magnet’s strength. The strength is equivalent to the pulling force. Magnet fishing hobbyists know that a magnet without enough pull force might not catch heavy metal objects.

It is good to use the neodymium magnet because it creates its magnetic field, making it the strongest magnet. The strength of a magnet is measured in terms of grade. A magnet with an N42 grade or higher is a strong magnet.

Secondly, responsible magnet fishers consider the weight of the magnet. If you don’t consider the weight, even the best rope can break because of the extra weight. Also, buy a magnet that you can easily carry from one point to another. A 2lb magnet can handle a pulling force of 400 lbs. There is no need to buy a heavy magnet.

Best Fishing Magnets for magnet fishing in shallow water

Brute Magnetics creates the best magnetic using neodymium and its alloy. Choosing the best fishing magnet for shallow water depends on your budget, how strong a magnet you want, the weight and the features. Some magnet fishing techniques require you to use two magnets. Since there isn’t magnet fishing legal information on fishing locations, you can pick the magnet by considering the site.

Here are the best magnet picks for shallow water;

Brute Box

The bundle from Brute Magnetics contains a powerful neodymium magnet. The magnet has a diameter of 5 inches, and it has a pulling force of 1200 lbs.

The bundle also includes a rope, a grappling hook, a thread locker, and a carabiner that can lift an object with a pull force of 5600 lbs.

The advantages of this magnet are that it has an O-ring to adjust pressure manually, and it is light. But, it is somehow expensive when you compare it with other magnets.

500+ Lbs Pulling Force Magnet

It is a single-sided magnet with a pulling force of 575 lbs and a diameter of 2.95″. It is made from neodymium by Brute magnetics. It weighs 1.46 lbs. Thus it’s easy to carry. Not only that, but it is round and has a countersunk hole. The magnet is packed with a thread locker and an eyebolt.

The 800+ lbs Magnet

A magnet with pulling force can lift almost anything. If your fun hobby involves magnet fishing in a river, this is the magnet of choice. It gives you the option to pick a small or heavy object.

It has a pull force of 1000lbs and a diameter of 3.54″. Likewise, it is among the strong magnets since it’s made with rare neodymium magnets.

This magnet is perfect for magnet fishing and metal detecting. It is double-sided with a pulling force of 450 lbs. The magnet has a shared pulling force of 225lbs each when it is double-sided.

It has a coating of Ni+Cu+Ni to protect the magnet surface from damage. Also, it includes a countersunk hole and eyebolt. The magnet has been used in a metal detector, making it a multi-use magnet.

Brute Magnetics 1200 lbs Magnet

The Brute magnet is a double-sided magnet with a pulling force of 1200 lbs, which is subdivided into 600 lbs on each side. It is made of rare earth neodymium magnets. Also, it weighs 2.5 lbs. You can use the magnet for other applications other than magnet fishing.

Magnet fishing kit

If you are a beginner, it’s easier to start with a complete kit. This way, you don’t have to choose each piece of equipment separately. Nevertheless, most kits are priced depending on the price of the magnet. Companies can add all the other fishing equipment to accompany the magnet. The magnet fishing kit will also be expensive if the magnet is expensive.

A kit contains a magnet, a case, gloves, nylon rope, a carabiner, and a thread locker. Few kits include a grappling hook. Once you choose the magnet you want, you can buy it as a whole.

A rope is provided in the kit, but you should ensure it’s water-resistant o that it doesn’t get heavy when it’s wet. Gloves are also essential to ensure you don’t hurt your hands. Most metals that you salvage will be rusty and sharp. If it cuts your hand, visit a doctor.

A carabiner is the best option if you don’t know how to tie a good knot. You can switch from one magnet to another by exchanging the attached carabiners. On the other hand, a thread locker is a glue used to stick the bolt to the fishing magnet.

When choosing a magnet fishing kit, remember to check the weight of the magnet if you are buying a magnet for your kids. You don’t want them to struggle when carrying the magnet. Also, ensure you have a magnet fishing safety bundle when fishing.

Further Thoughts

Shopping for a fishing magnet can be a straightforward exercise if people know what magnets they should buy. But by now, you should know the magnet you want to buy. Ensure you choose the magnet carefully while checking the pulling force, the weight, and the size. Also, find a kit with a strong nylon rope and cut-resistant gloves.

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