Do you need permission To Magnet fishing?

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Magnet fishing has become popular, and its attention is attracting the government to place some laws on it. The popularity comes from the interesting finds people get. Some finds are dangerous, which can pose danger to you and the people in your surrounding environment.

You need a strong magnet made from a rare earth metal to find these things. The magnet is known as a neodymium magnet. The neodymium magnet has a powerful magnetic force that is capable of treasure hunting. You can attract anything that is attracted to magnetic material that is ferrous material.

On the other hand, if you want to get valuable items, you need to find a good location. Ensure you check if the location is prohibited from magnet fishing.

Magnet fishing doesn’t have any laws in the US states except South Carolina. However, the UK has magnet fishing laws that govern the way people fish. The UK doesn’t allow magnet fishing because the areas can be dangerous.

The activity is allowed if done on private property, and after you ask for permission from the relevant authorities. You can’t fish from waterways controlled by the Canal and River trust.

Is Magnet fishing legal in US

In the US, most parts of the country have no regulations concerning magnetic fishing. Magnet anglers can fish for metal objects freely. But, you have to research the area and ensure you do not trespass on private property.

Things like a license are not required. The only thing you have to do is ask for permission in areas that are not public.

Once you start your magnet fishing adventure, ensure you have done the research and know what to expect. For example, in some rivers, you can find a gun.

Is magnet fishing legal in Canada?

At the moment, there are no laws or regulations hindering people from magnet fish. But, this might change in the future. Ensure you research your province to check if they allow magnet fishing.

Is magnet fishing legal in the UK

In the UK, it is different because it is illegal for magnet fishing. Private institutions own most water bodies. Thus, it is unlawful if you are found magnet fishing in these areas.

You can use your fishing magnets in areas where you own the land or ask for permission to magnet fish. Also, you should have a license for magnet fishing in the UK.

Laws of dangerous finds

When you start magnet fishing, be prepared to find dangerous items. In most cases, it’s rare to find these things, but they exist and can be found. If someone on land with a metal detector can find a gun, what about the river or lake?

There are simple steps that you can take when you pull these objects.


For knives, it’s never that serious because people are allowed to have knives; thus, you can keep them. But, this depends on the country.

Always confirm with the laws in your state if they allow you to have a knife. For instance, Michigan has a law prohibiting owning spring-loaded knives. If the state doesn’t allow it, take the knife to local authorities.

You can keep knives like the hunting knife since it is accepted. And if you aren’t comfortable, leave it or take it to the police.

When handling these sharp objects, ensure you use cut-resistant gloves to ensure you don’t hurt your hands.


A gun is something you don’t want to take home. No matter the condition of the gun, take it to the police. Guns have a serial number to help the police find the owner or determine who used them to commit a crime.

At the same time, it is illegal to have a gun that doesn’t belong to you, so when you keep it with you, it goes against federal laws.

Contact the authorities to avoid dangerous situations for the objects you can’t identify. If you don’t know the metal object, don’t pick it.

Is Magnet fishing private water legal?

Magnet fishing in private water is illegal. You need to ask permission before you magnet fish in a private area. It is illegal because you are breaking trespassing laws. If you are found trespassing, you can get a fine

Site owners have the power to take your valuable items if they find you magnet fishing on their property. You can ask permission and agree to share the profit if you find any valuable item. Some items, you can catch include coins, magnetic electronic devices, fishing lures, hooks, and other devices.

Where can you magnet fish?

You can use specific locations for magnet fishing. You have to research to know an area capable of having valuable items such as a bridge where people footwalk. That’s because people lose objects in the water daily. Thus, it is an excellent place to collect precious items.

Some of these areas include:

  • Rivers
  • Under the bridge
  • Canals
  • Piers
  • Boat docks
  • Fishing docks

What are the dangers of magnet fishing?

When checking out different magnet fishing tips, remember to check out the danger associated with this activity. Some dangers might be associated with handling the powerful magnets, and others are disrupting. With that, here are the risks that come with magnet fishing.

You can pull explosives

Magnet fishers have made statements about pulling explosives such as grenades that hadn’t exploded. It’s pretty much risky because the explosives can be armed. Once you find such objects, handle them with care while contacting the authorities to disarm the explosives.


Drowning can happen when you are magnet fishing and attach your magnet to heavy objects, and in the process of pulling the object, you lose your balance and fall into the water. Sometimes things can happen fast. Always buy a super strong magnet to have a good pull force.

  • Sharp rusty objects

Metals that have stayed in the water for a while can rust and become sharp. These metals can cut your hand when handling them. When handling metal or iron objects, ensure you wear gloves to protect your hands. Always ensure your magnet fishing kit has cut-resistant gloves.

  • You can lose our fishing magnets

When fishing for fish, your fishing lures can get lost in trying to catch a fish. It’s the same with magnets.

You can lose your magnet if you tie the knot incorrectly or catch an object with more weight than the magnet can handle. The pulling force of the magnet should be greater than that of the object.

Further Thoughts

Magnet fishing is a great hobby for you and your friends. It is fun and, at the same time, dangerous. Always take precautions when you go magnet fishing. Remember, you are not allowed to trespass on private property. If you have magnet fish in that area, ask for permission from the property owner.

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