What can you find while magnet fishing? Magnet fishing finds

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Magnet fishing is one of the fantastic and fun hobbies that you can enjoy with family and friends and end up fishing some cool objects. Not only do people find cool stuff from water bodies, but by removing them, they are helping the environment.

So, what magnet fishing finds do you expect to find? Anglers have found various things, including weapons, jewelry, fishing hooks, bikes, phones, safe boxes, tools, etc. You can place fish finds in different categories because of the find type. For example, if you fish in an area used for war, you’ll find weapons or combat devices that fall in the water.

Some items are harmless, and others are dangerous. Be prepared to find anything. It can be challenging to retrieve items such as gold because gold repels a magnet. A strong magnet can make it move slightly, but it can’t attract it.

The only way you can get gold from a hunt is if it is in a metal box. Other objects that you can’t attract include; silver, bronze, and other non-ferrous metals.

The law allows you to keep or sell the objects from your finds, but you should give all the dangerous items to the police. If you are in a boat, you can contact the coast guard to pick up the dangerous things.

The article will tell you the different items you might encounter while magnet fishing.

Common magnet fishing finds

Common finds are objects that have less excitement and might not bring any cash or relevance. That does not mean they aren’t necessary. An item you fish might not be valuable to you but is precious to someone else.

Magnet fishing can result in you finding the following items;

  • Antique coins
  • Fishing knives
  • Deck Nails
  • Pliers
  • Wire framed glasses
  • Cars and trucks, no seriously
  • Deck Screws
  • Lures
  • Barbed wire
  • Cash boxes
  • Dog tags

Such objects may not make sense when you retrieve them from the river, however, as a magnet fisher, you can use them in other creative activities. Remember that you can destroy metal by melting and rebuilding it into new objects. Better yet, you can use these items to fix your broken equipment.

Some items are not easy to get if you are on shores. Boaters can use a boat to go deep into the lake, where they can locate more items. Since some areas don’t have laws regarding magnet fishing, you can head into deep waters.

Dangerous Magnet fishing finds

Dangerous magnet finds are rare, but they do happen. For instance, a weapon used to commit a crime is thrown into the water, and while fishing, you retrieve the weapon. So, it’s easy to say that’s a lie, but people have caught way more dangerous things than a gun.

Some examples of weapons that people have found while magnet fishing include:

  • Cannonballs
  • Machine guns
  • Bombs
  • Bullets
  • Grenades

These can be found in a country previously in war or near military centers where they test weapons. Report to the authorities immediately if you find these items. They might kill someone if they aren’t handled carefully.

What is the most valuable magnet fishing finds?

Thanks to magnet fishing, people can retrieve ancient and unique items thrown in the water. Some things stay in water for decades before they are found. Here is a list of some items.

  • 1944 WWII German Gas Mask

This mask that existed during the 1944 world war in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest was retrieved. The mask is a good trophy for collectors interested in showing their history.

  • Bench

The bench is a strange item found in a river and retrieved. No one can think of searching for something as big as a bench.

  • German Army Helmet stash

Fishers retrieved the helmets from a place where mass burial took place. Such items should be in a museum for people to view.

Other unique items that have been retrieved before include:

  • Diamond bracelet
  • 1976 Pepsi can
  • A dagger
  • Cannonballs
  • Railroad wheel

Things to do with your magnet fishing finds

Anything you find while fishing can be helpful. You are lucky whether you find a bulky object like a bicycle or small jewelry. Other magnet fishers can take more time before their first catch. Once you safely secure a find, ensure you do the following;

Check if it’s in good shape

Checking the object you find is the first thing you should do after removing it from the water. Checking its condition ensures that you do not pack an object whose structural integrity is not strong.

Water makes metal objects rust, and the longer they stay in the water, the more damaged they get. Metals can be seen as strong with a naked eye, but you find they aren’t strong enough once you feel the parts.

Also, checking should include removing mud and any animal that might hide in the metal. Make sure you wear protective waterproof gloves.

Determine its value

Evaluate what you are holding. Fishing hooks, bikes, barbed wire, cash boxes, knives, etc. Everything has a price.

Research every metal you catch to ensure to evaluate its price before you take it for recycling. Some items might seem worthless, but you find it’s worth some quick cash after research.

Use the items

If you are an angler, you will be glad to magnet fish fishing gear such as hooks. It does not work only for anglers. For example, a person documented on his YouTube Videos that they found an almost new bike, and it had minimum damage from the water. With a few repairs to the bike, it will be as good as new, and the new owner can start bike riding.

Identify dangerous items and hand them over to the Police

Some YouTubers told the Wall Street Journal that they found 19th-century items, including a WWII bomb, gun, safe, and Prussian sword that had been underwater for decades.

Such items are not safe and can be unstable. Hand them to the police if you manage to retrieve them, or you can call the coast guard to retrieve them with care.

Final Thoughts

If you are a magnet fishing beginner, grab your gear and start the journey. Many items are lying on the river bed, waiting for you to find and catch them. Note that it’s possible to find all these items, but it might take a while and good research to have your best catch.

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