Top 10 Most Expensive Magnet Fishing Finds

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While magnet fishing is a simple sport or just a hobby, some people have pulled uncommon finds that would surprise you. Though this rarely occurs, all of it is true, and some discoveries have been featured in the Manchester evening news, which has seen their videos go viral on YouTube.

Before getting into the list of the expensive finds, here are some of the common magnet fishing finds; keys, cheap jewelry, screws, coins, and other metallic objects. This is not to discourage you from magnet fishing. Keep on the search. Maybe you will also find a treasure or antiques that haven’t been found in the history of magnetic fishing.

However, the list of the most expensive findings in this article is not in any specific order.

Diamond Bracelets

One guy found two diamond bracelets in the Thames River in Old England while magnet fishing. He found the two bracelets, but he also found a couple of coins whose value was not disclosed. But focusing on the bracelets, this must have been an absolute fortune.

For instance, if he chose to sell both bracelets without considering their antique value, he would make cash. The cost of one diamond carat has a value of between $2,000 and $25,000. You can see how much money he would make out of it.

A Treasure Box with Golden Coins

Collecting coins and mere metallic boxes from magnet fishing is common, but a whole treasure box filled with golden coins doesn’t happen every other time.

In this finding, they approximated the treasure box to have close to 300 dollars of gold coins. In addition to the coins, the treasure box also contained rolls of notes, whose value remains undisclosed.

2 Safes with Jewelry and Money

Imagine the value of two safes filled with money and jewelry from a single magnet fishing find.

The safes contain necklaces, a jeweled pocket watch, coins, and gold. This must have been the best magnet fishing find this guy ever got. Despite the actual value of this find remaining a secret, it is one of the most expensive finds a guy got for himself while magnet fishing.

A Golden Earring

In a haul of an Amsterdam tourist was a gold earring. This, among other stuff, is what he got while magnet fishing on the bank of a canal.

The other finds in his fishing included a bike, a discarded monitor, and various coins.

The gold earring he found would fetch some good cash considering an ounce of gold is worth $1,954.

A new bike

Old, rusty, and broken bicycles are among the everyday common magnet fishing finds. There is evidence for all this online, but it is still exciting.

But how would you feel if you found a bike as good as new? While magnet fishing, Micheal Trimm and Trisha, his wife, found a rusty free motorcycle. All the bike needed was minor fixes. Its Tires still had air in them, which looked like it had not drowned long ago.

The bike model was Honda BMX, and this magnet fishing find was at the Milwaukee River. The two were on a pedestrian bridge close to Highland Boulevard downtown and the third street of Old World.

From video evidence on YouTube, after the number plate search, the bike seems to have been stolen.

A Cash Box with Euro Notes

Paper cash is non-magnetic, but the cash box that contained this fortune of Euro notes is magnetic.

While magnet fishing with one of his friends in Stockport Manchester, Micheal was lucky to pull this cashbox from the bottom of a canal.

After opening the cashbox in it was £100. They presumed the cashbox to have been stolen and tried to turn it to the police. However, the police were not interested in their find, and they did as they pleased with the money.

Enigma Codebreaking Machine

Another person retrieved the codebreaking machine from World War II from a pond. Being antique, it is among the most expensive magnetic fishing finds ever found.

With the aid of Polish codebreakers, they managed to break it. During the Second World War, soldiers used the Enigma code to find allied troop positions and support in the blitzkrieg attacks.


While it is exciting to find a rusty gun or its parts when magnet fishing, it gets interesting when you keep pulling more and more of them. A father and his son pulled 80 guns and 30 other firearms.

The guns date back to the Second World War era. These magnet fishing finds were found at Grey Lake by the King Sedgemoor Drain in Kingsweston Sluice, Somerset, in 2015.

Some guns found included a Belgian FN CAL and AK-47s. They also found a Czech Vz.25 submachine gun and a Thompsom machine gun from WWII.

Another intriguing discovery on the guns’ part is that a US civil war era revolver was among these magnet fishing finds.

An Ornate Dagger

In 2017 when some boys were magnet fishing at River Wreake in Leicester, they pulled a surprising find, an ornate dagger it was. While it is fun for your magnet to catch recent knives, theirs was an exciting discovery.

The dagger was quite ornate, and it seemed like a passerby had dropped it from above the bridge.


Leah Knewstub (a six-year-old girl) from Working Surrey hauled thousands of bullets while magnet fishing under an old bridge. She ended up with at least 3000 of them.

However, this was not a surprise because she and her parents were casting their magnets near an army training center (Pirbright).

In addition to the thousands of bullets, they also found laptops, safes, bicycles, and cash registers.


In conclusion, magnetic finds are a big mystery, but still, there are high chances of finding unique and precious treasures depending on where you are fishing. All you need is some minor research, and your magnet fishing finds would make it to this list. There are chances that you can fish for something valuable, but you have to be patient and wait for your research to give you direction.

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