Magnet Fishing Is A Cheap New Hobby!

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Magnet fishing can be termed the most effortless treasure hunting activity. It’s an outdoor activity that involves fishing in rivers, lakes, docks, ponds, or bridges to search for scrap metal. The activity uses a magnet to pull the metal out of the water.

The magnet fishing journey is considered to be fun and cheap as well. You are only required to get yourself a strong magnet of high industrial-strength, and you are ready to fish. Magnet fishing kit starts at $30 to $40. You can get cheap magnet fishing gear and begin your journey to magnet fish.

What Does Magnet Fishing Entail?

Magnet fishing sport can be done by anyone and does not require any training. To go fishing, you must have a strong double sided magnet with strong pulling force, a fishing rope, a carabiner, a grappling hook and some thread locker.

The treasures can be anything. Some old pieces lost long ago like knives and fishing tools. Other collected metals are washed, and their quality is tested. You can sell them or keep them as treasure. When you engage in a fishing magnets hobby, you clean the water, thus leaving the place better than you found it. Also, there are possibilities of finding sunken treasures worth your time. It makes it a cheap hobby with exciting finds and the pulling is quite the workout.

Magnet fishing beginners guide

As a magnet fisher beginner, you must find the right pieces of equipment that will help you in your magnet fishing journey. The equipment can be bought in a kit or separately. A good location can help you maximize your findings. But, the important part is choosing the correct magnet and its components.

What Does Magnet Fishing Kits Have?

A fishing magnet kit contains a strong neodymium magnet, gloves, threadlocker, stainless steel grappling hook, rope, and a free e-book to guide you into magnet fishing.


The strongest magnets to use are the neodymium magnet. It is because neodymium is a very powerful magnet with high pull forces. It’s made of rare earth metal that generates its magnetic field. Find a double sided magnet with a pulling force of 400lbs and a grade of 42 and above. To attach to a rope, ensure it has an eyebolt on the side and the front.

You can either choose the double-sided magnets or the single-sided magnets. A double-sided has a magnet on two sides, while the single-sided magnet has a magnet on one side, usually the lower flat surface.

This double-sided fishing one is expensive compared to the single-sided one in the market today, and the regular price is affordable. The tool works best when you throw it straight down the bridge. When you decide to pull the rope back to the shore, you will be pulling it with the non-magnetic side.

Magnet Fishing Rope

Your choice of rope matters. It ensures your expensive equipment does not get lost. Several types of ropes are available for purchase in any fishing magnet kits. They have different strengths and weaknesses. Many kits will come with a nylon rope or a rope made from a paracord.

The nylon rope is heavier than the paracord rope and will stretch under pressure. It is beneficial if you want to loosen up items buried under sediments and can also withstand abuse due to its mildew resistance and high breaking strength.

For the paracord rope, it is very light and robust and hence durable. It is smaller and can lead to comfort in the long run while. Also, it can withstand a lot of stress due to its mildew resistance.

Thread locker

It’s something you should have when fishing. It will save you from losing your tools. The threadlocker glue will prevent the carabiner from coming off the fishing rope when you throw it into the water.


Always have gloves when you are going out for magnetic fishing. Your gloves should always be of good quality and cut-resistant because most of your finds are rusty and sharp, hence the need to protect your hands. Gloves should be water-resistant. It can be hard to pull the rope out of the water if your gloves are wet. If they are dry, you will have a good grip on the rope, which gives you a better pull force.

Strong Grappling Hook

Magnet fishing rules

The government hasn’t given any laws prohibiting magnet fishing. However, there are fishing laws that you should take into account as a beginner. The essential rule of this treasure hunting activity is to avoid private property unless you ask for permission from the landowners. Also take note of any signs prohibiting practicing your hobby after hours.

The Pros and Cons of a Magnet Fishing adventure

Magnet fishing will give you a reason to explore your surroundings. As you are relaxing, you get to enjoy the treasures you fish from the water and at the same time conserve the environment.


When you start magnet fishing, there is a high possibility of meeting and making many friends who are also into this hobby. In enjoying your hobby and having fun, you are also socializing.

Find treasure

A fishing magnet works like a metal detector. In this case, you throw the magnet into the water. There are possibilities of finding treasures in the process, and these can be small or heavy items. In areas where you do not require long ropes, you can use snorkeling gear and strong magnets to fish.

It is dangerous

Everything has a disadvantage, and in the case of fishing, the danger lies in the water. First, the metal objects that you pull may be sharp and have rust. Getting cut by rusty metal can cause an infection. Second, dirty water can cause infections if it’s in direct contact with any open wounds or sores on your body. Finally, magnet fishing is likely to kill you if what you’re pulling falls away from a ledge and pulls you into the water. You can drown or hit your head on rocks or even the boat dock rails even before you hit the water.

What are Some Best Magnet Fishing Finds

The only objects you can pull out of the water are those attracted to magnetic material. You can find small items like bolts, hooks, nuts, batteries, phones, jewelry, and other metal objects. You can also get big things like bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, signposts, and benches when you magnet fish. Not only that, but you can find dangerous items like guns, ammunition, sharp metal, unexploded bombs, and grenades. In case you find these items, contact local authorities.

Further Thoughts

In conclusion, magnet fishing has more pros than cons, making it a good activity for you and your family. A cheap magnet fishing gear is enough for you to enjoy an outdoor activity. As a beginner, you don’t have to overthink when it comes to fishing. Relax as you collect items with the magnet. So, get a fishing magnet kit, and start this fishing journey.

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