Do You Need A Magnet Fishing License?

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Magnet fishing has become a hobby for friends and family. Most people take up the hobby because it’s a way of spending quality time with the family and participating in outdoor activities. Magnet fishing is the same as catching fish, but instead of using fishing lures, you use magnets to start treasure hunting.

The law requires you to have a license for regular fishing, but the law does not ask you to acquire a license to magnet fish. So, you can magnet fish at a public waterbody without any requirements. This changes when you decide to magnet fish on private property.

Private property uses the normal laws of trespassing. You aren’t supposed to be found in private areas without permission. More so, it would be best if you weren’t magnet fishing. It can result in magnet fishing legal charges.

Before you magnet fish, confirm with the state agency if you need a license to fish because laws change from one country to the other. For instance, The US allows people to magnet fish freely, except South Carolina has banned magnet fishing because it has antiques underwater. In contrast, when you move to the UK, magnet fishing laws restrict fishing. It has rules because most British waterways were war grounds, and private entities own them. However, you can get a license and then ask for permission to magnet fish.

Is Magnet Fishing Dangerous?

Yes. Magnet fishing can be a dangerous hobby when you don’t follow the simple magnet fishing rules. Most times, dangerous situations occur due to accidents or self-sabotage. A strong neodymium magnet can be dangerous if you don’t have the strength to handle the pulling force.

Whether in a boat or on a bridge, fishing magnets can pull you into the river. Once you fall into the water, you can drown or hit your head. Respect fishing signs even though you are magnet fishing. It is called magnet fishing, but you are still fishing.

Magnet Fishing Safety Tips

Wear Protective Clothing

Protective clothing includes wearing a floating vest, gloves, and proper footwear. A floating vest is essential if you are going deep into the water. Knowing how to swim might not help you if the river has high currents. The vest keeps you afloat regardless of the strength of the currents. In this way, you can swim your way to the shore.

Gloves are there to protect your hands from cuts. Metal objects underwater have rust that makes them sharper. If a rusty object cuts you, seek medical attention immediately. Rust can be toxic to the human body.

Shoes are important in the magnet fishing game. Things like nails can cut through normal shoes. Also, grip on a shoe is important. Since water makes the surface wet, a shoe with a good grip can ensure you don’t slide on a wet surface.

Never Tie a Magnet to Yourself.

A powerful object like a neodymium magnet shouldn’t be tied to your body on a bridge or in a boat. Something with that magnetic force can pull you into the river.

Don’t Dive Into The Water to Find a Lost Magnet

It is usual for a magnet to get lost in the water. It occurs when you catch a heavy object, and there isn’t enough pulling force from the magnet. The rope can break, or the knot cuts free from the magnet.

Diving into a water body that you don’t know can be dangerous. The best way to retrieve a magnet is to find another magnet and search for it or research other simple methods of recovering a fishing magnet. You can pay a professional diver to search for the magnet if it’s expensive and not worth losing.

Understand The Wreck and Salvage Laws

In the US, magnet fishing laws don’t exist, but there exist laws that govern the things you can keep after magnetic fishing. Most people have caught dangerous and unique items that require safekeeping.

For instance, since it’s unlawful to have a gun that doesn’t belong to you, you can keep a gun you salvaged from the river. Report to the local authorities to find the owner. Some guns have committed crimes, which can be identified using the serial number.

Tell Somebody Your location

Other people need to know the exact place and time you are magnet fishing. The information is important in case of an emergency. You can carry your phone with you for emergencies. Use a non-emergency number to call the police if you find something dangerous in the water. But, if you get hurt, use an emergency number for a fast response

What Do You Need to Start Magnet Fishing?

If you want to go magnet fishing, you will need a good magnet fishing kit with powerful magnets, gloves, a carabiner, hooks, and an eye bolt. Essentially, if you want a kit with a strong magnet, you’ll have to pay good money. Magnet fishing requires you to do your research before you start.

Fishing Magnet

The best magnet to use for magnet fishing is a neodymium magnet. Its magnetic material is made from a rare earth metal. There is a double-sided magnet and a single-sided magnet. A magnet can attract metal items, including coins, magnetic electronic devices, jewelry, hunting knives, bikes, and other metallic heavy objects.


A powerful magnet requires a strong nylon rope. The rope you choose for magnet fishing should have more pulling force than your magnet. For instance, if your magnet can pull an item of 1000lbs, the rope should have a pull force of more than 1000 lbs. It accounts for the extra weight of the magnet.


The best gloves to use are those resistant to cuts and water. Pulling a rope from the water requires a grip that the gloves provide. So, if your glove is soaked in water, pulling the rope can become a problem. On the other hand, cut-resistant gloves protect your hands from cuts by rusty metal objects.

Final Thoughts

In general, you don’t need a magnet fishing hobby license. It is an activity you practice in your own free time and convenience. It doesn’t have, and it doesn’t need laws to function. The only thing is to ensure you practice safety measures for yourself and those around you.

Obtain permission from the landowners to prevent magnet fishing legal problems and, if possible, fish only on public property. Make use of your free time to have fun while magnet fishing.

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