What Magnet Fishing Tools Do I Need To Go Magnet Fishing?

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Tools play an important role in any outdoor activity. Without tools, most activities might not run smoothly. For instance, Metal detecting requires a metal detector. Fishing requires equipment like fishing hooks and lures to fish. On the same note, magnet fishing requires tools like fishing magnets to retrieve metal objects from the water.

Unlike these other activities, magnet fishing gear is much cheaper, and you can get the equipment at a budget price. You can purchase the necessary equipment and start your magnet fishing trip today.

We will cover the essential magnet fishing tools and accessories you will need to start.

Magnet fishing tools

Equipment for magnet fishing often comes as a complete kit because companies that produce the fishing magnets include the other equipment in the price. However, if you are looking for a specific tool, you can purchase it separately from a reputable company. A magnet fishing kit doesn’t necessarily mean you get high-quality equipment.

Here are the tools and accessories you should look to include in your magnet fishing gear.

Fishing magnets

As you know from the name, magnet fishing magnets are the most important tool in the kit. What makes it important is that it will determine your fishing experience and determine your interesting finds.

The best fishing magnets are made from a rare earth metal capable of creating its magnet field. The magnet is bonded with an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron alloy. The magnet is called a neodymium magnet.

There are different types of neodymium magnets to choose from. A magnet is differentiated from the other by its strength and coercivity.

There are two types of fishing magnets you can choose to purchase. i.e.

  • Single-sided magnet
  • Double-sided magnet

Single-sided magnet

It is a type of magnet that has one magnetic side. The pulling force of the magnet is concentrated on the bottom side.

It’s used to lift metal treasure from the river. The fishing magnet is relied on by beginners and even experts when they want to lift a heavy object. It’s good for the up and down method of fishing because you can get all the pulling force on one side.

Double-sided magnet

When you magnetize fish in a new area and need a magnet to scope the area for big items, the double-sided fishing magnet is the magnet for you.

A magnet with double sides is not a strong magnet you can use to pull a heavy object because the strength is shared on both sides. For instance, if you purchase a 500lbs magnet, both sides will have 250lbs pull force.

It might look like a disadvantage, but it’s a positive addition to their fishing magnet kit for expert fishers. They use this magnet to scope the magnetic fishing area. And once it has found the items, they pull them with a single-sided fishing magnet.

Many magnet fishers prefer to have both magnets to ensure minimum strength when finding metal objects. But, for a beginner, you can choose to purchase one of them before moving to both magnets.


Another tool you can find in a magnet fishing kit is a rope. However, it is not recommended that you use the rope from the kit because it’s not high quality. A good rope is made from nylon.

A rope is as important to magnetic fishing as the magnet itself. It’s because you need a strong rope to pull your find. If you have a beast fishing magnet, you should have the strongest rope than the magnet. It’s advisable to have a rope with a bigger pulling force than the magnet.

For instance, if you have a magnet that pulls 1000lbs, then the rope should be able to pull 1200lbs.

For your magnet fishing journey, a nylon paracord rope is the best choice to buy. It’s durable, elastic, resistant to abrasion and water, able to hold a good knot, and strong.

Like the magnet, paracords are not equal; they differ in strength, length, and compact size. Choose a rope that can withstand a hard tug when a magnet gets caught in the water.


Gloves are used in magnet fishing to keep your hands safe. When a metal object stays in the water for some time, it rusts. Rusty objects can be sharp even if they don’t look sharp. Also, the rust contains toxins, and if it cuts your hand, you can get infected.

Besides protecting your hands, gloves can give you a good grip to pull the rope from water. Once a rope has touched the water, it becomes slippery. With gloves, you can pull the top even if it is slippery.

Good gloves for magnet fishing are water and cut-resistant. These gloves should dry easily after contact with water and, at the same time, be durable enough to avoid cuts from metal objects. Invest in good gloves to enjoy your fun hobby.

Grappling hook

A stainless steel grappling hook is ideal for removing a big metal object from water. The purpose of this tool is to offer support to the fishing magnet. Once the magnet sticks onto it, the hook provides a perfect grip from another angle to ensure it moves out easily.

It is not ideal for all occasions, especially when the magnet catches a small object. But if it’s a big object, it’s better for support. You can also use it to support double-sided magnets because they can’t hold big items independently.


A carabiner is another tool that comes with a magnet fishing bundle. In most cases, it’s not necessary, but it is there to help you if you have different magnets and want to change ropes between the magnets.

In a carabiner, you tie the rope to one end of the rope and then insert the carabiner into the eyebolt of the magnet. When switching between magnets, you remove the carabiner from the magnet and insert it into the other.


You can notice a few magnet fishing tools mentioned in this article, but that doesn’t mean these are all the tools. They are only the main tools you need to start your fishing journey.

Other than looking for better equipment to use when magnet fishing, ensure that you research for good fishing spots and go to magnet fishing legal areas. Some states prohibit magnet fishing. It’s better to visit the local office to know which areas you are allowed to magnet fish.

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