Are Cheap Magnet Fishing Kits Worth It?

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Picking the right magnet fishing kit can be challenging, especially if you want to try the activity and don’t want to waste your money. Choosing between an expensive magnet fishing kit and a cheap kit can be exhausting. Picking a magnet fishing kit is an individual decision. It usually depends on the type of finds and your fishing location.

A beginner magnet fisher can consider choosing a cheap magnet fishing magnet at the start of their fishing journey. Remember that cheap is expensive. So, it is not worth it to buy a cheap magnet fishing kit.

However, if you can’t commit to magnet fishing, you can begin with a cheap magnet for motivation. Cheap kits do not have strong magnets and ropes to handle the pull force. So, you can use this kit in areas with small finds.

But, how would you know if the kit is suitable for magnet fishing? This article is on magnet fishing magnets kits and what you should be searching for in a kit.

What to look for in magnet fishing magnets

A fishing kit must have the right magnet. The type of magnet you purchase depends on your budget. If you want a double-sided magnet, a single-sided magnet, or a big or small magnet, it’s your choice. However, there are requirements you must consider for strong magnets.

Here are the features your fishing magnets should have:

  • Neodymium magnet
  • N42 Grade
  • Strong Coating
  • Fasteners
  • Pulling force

Neodymium magnet

Neodymium is part of a rare earth magnet that makes its magnetic field; thus, it’s the strongest magnet. Neodymium magnets are permanent magnets made from Neodymium, iron, and boron alloy. You can find a powerful magnet made from Neodymium at a regular price.

N42 Grade

N42 is the strength of the magnetic field of the magnet. Since not all magnets are equal, they have different grades, making the pulling force different. For instance, two neodymium magnets of the same size but different grades, the one with a higher number, has a strong pulling force. Choose a magnet with a grade of N42 or higher.

Strong coating

When water mixes with oxygen, it can corrode an object. Even the best magnets corrode, however, this is prevented by coating the fishing magnet with nickel(Ni), copper(Cu), and nickel(Ni) and then covering it with an A3 grade stainless steel cover. Protecting the magnet ensures it doesn’t lose its magnetic force.


Magnet fishing magnets should have an eye bolt or a countersunk hole. A countersunk hole allows you to screw in a grappling hook or an eye bolt to attach the magnet to a rig.

Pulling force

Even a cheap fishing magnet can have a pulling force, but is the pull force sufficient for lifting an object from water? Generally, if you want to catch something considerable, you must have a magnet with a pulling force of at least 400lbs. A cheap magnet fishing magnet that has a pulling force of less than 400lbs won’t be of help, even if you are a beginner.

If you have experience in magnet fishing, you can pick a double-sided fishing magnet. It is good for scanning what is underwater, but it doesn’t have the pulling force to hold heavy objects.

Factors to consider when buying magnet fishing equipment

Magnet fishing location

The location of the water body can help you decide the kind of magnet fishing kit to purchase. Most of the common areas people magnet fish are; Bridges, piers, canals, lakes, river walks, and waterways near historic sites.

For example, if you’re fishing on bridges, you need to pick a kit with a strong rope and a single-sided magnet because pulling the magnet to the surface will require more force.

Also, the type of objects you find depends on the location. In areas with traffic, such as bridges, you can find small things like jewelry. When you go into lakes, you will likely see fishing hooks and other objects that might have dropped from a passing fishing ship.

Ensure that you don’t choose a cheap magnet fishing kit, and you are going to an area with valuable treasure.

Magnet fishing technique

There are two main techniques you can use to magnet fish that is;

  • bobbing
  • dredging.

Bobbing is a type of magnet fishing that involves throwing the fishing magnet into the water and pulling the rope up and down till you find an object. It is common on bridges or piers, where you can quickly drop and remove the magnet once you catch it. The fishing magnets used for this technique are single-sided.

On the other hand, the dredging technique is common in open waters, where you can throw the magnet and then drag it using the rope unlit until it comes into contact with an object. You need to have a boat for this method to work well. The best magnet suitable for this technique is a double-sided magnet since it can attract the magnet from both sides. Even though it doesn’t have enough power to pull the object, you can add another magnet once you get the thing.

Do you wade?

To wade is magnet fishing while in water. It is another factor you should consider. The magnet fishing magnets that work on land might not be suitable while on the water.

For instance, if you purchase a cheap magnet fishing kit with a pulling force of 300lbs, and you decide to use it when you wade, it won’t work in your favor.

Wading is dangerous if you have a cheap magnet. You require more pulling force to remove an object from the water while moving. Thus, if your kit accessories are not strong to handle the pull, the rope can break, and you’ll lose the magnet.

If you are magnet fishing without wading, you can shop for a cheap magnet.

Further Thoughts

Purchasing a cheap magnet fishing kit is not worth your time or money. It will only be expensive in the long run when you have to buy other equipment. Consider looking for a company that is giving special offers to its customer. Choose a kit with a good magnet, a rope, and cut-resistant gloves. Then start your magnet fishing journey.

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