What do I Wear When Magnet Fishing?

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Comfort is essential when you have fun with outdoor activities, but it’s more required in magnet fishing. Carrying fishing magnets and throwing them into the water in the hope of finding treasure is tiresome and frustrating. While sweating and facing all possible weather conditions, you should be prepared with good magnet fishing clothes.

But, what magnet fishing clothes should you prepare when you go out? What magnet fishing supplies should you carry? Whether you are new to a fishing magnet or an experienced magnet fisherman and are looking for the type of clothes to wear on your trip, this topic is worth your time. We will talk about the different clothes you can wear when you go out to magnet fish.

There are many options of clothes you can choose to wear. Some are mandatory, and others are by your choice. Magnet fishing clothes that are mandatory are for your protection. We provide you with options for your magnet fishing trip, whether on a bridge or a boat.

Basic magnet fishing clothes

Clothes are part of your magnet fishing gear. Choosing clothes depends on what you will use them for. That can be protection, comfort, or camouflage.

Essential clothing lies in the category of comfort. These are clothes you use for outdoor activities to avoid distraction from weather conditions like the sun, rain, or wind.

Treasure hunting requires patience to catch the right metal objects. Proper clothing can help you reduce stress and be patient as you wait to pull your fishing magnet. Here is the basic clothing every fisher should have;

Base layer shirt

Base layer shirts are light, breathable, and are made from either polyester, nylon, or merino wool. A breathable shirt can help you nick the sweat away when you struggle with the magnet’s pulling force. Since you are magnet fishing, you are likely to sweat from the heat and all your work to retrieve the materials. Thus, this base layer shirt is the best for these conditions.

A cloth that dries off easily and doesn’t stick to the skin is the best when it is hot and the water reflects the sun’s rays directly to you. Other base layer shirts have a sun-protective layer that protects you from ultraviolet rays.


The right pants can improve your fishing experience or spoil it. If you have tried fishing with jeans or cotton sweats, you might have had a bad day. Such clothes don’t give you enough room for movement, can tear easily, and are prone to getting wet.

Try nylon clothes when you are in the water. They are the best. Pants made from nylon are good for magnet fishing because they are light, have enough space for movement, are waterproof, and can dry easily.

Another thing about the clothes from nylon is that they have many pockets, which can be an advantage if you are on a boat. It’s easier to store your double-sided magnet on one side while pulling with the single-sided magnet. You can tie the grappling hook to your side for easy access.


Footwear is a big topic that can be discussed on its own because there are many different footwear you can choose for magnet fishing. The ideal shoe depends on the weather and your magnet fishing location.

Boots, shoes, sneakers, and sandals are all options in your magnet fishing clothes. You can even hunt for treasure barefoot in metal detecting because you are on a beach. However, in fishing, you don’t know what you will encounter. So, proper footwear is safer than putting yourself in harm’s way.

Non-slip sandals and sneakers are good when you are magnet fishing in the summer from a bridge. However, if you are on the shore or in the water, it’s better to wear boots or closed shoes. Closed shoes should be non-slip, water-resistant, wear-and-tear resistant, and comfortable. It ensures the water doesn’t affect your movement, and you can pull the rope with ease.

Wader boots that go up to the knee are good if you are fishing in shallow waters. They can protect you from the objects you don’t see in the water.


You should include gloves in your magnet fishing supplies after including the best rope for work. A fishing magnet company kit has gloves when you purchase the complete set.

Wear gloves whether you are on land or in the boat. A strong rope has threads that help with grip when you are pulling. But, this can’t work on bare hands if the rope touches water. Use gloves to pull the rope since it offers a better grip and reduces the pull force.

They are important when handling equipment and magnet fishing finds. Because metal objects in water have rust, they contain toxins that can affect you if you handle them with bare hands.

Just like shoes, there are different gloves available in the market. Ensure you pick high-quality gloves. Check the gloves a company recommends to its customer if you don’t know how to choose.

General clothing tips

Clothing is important when magnet fishing. Here are a few tips to check when choosing magnet fishing clothes;

  • Clothes should have enough pockets for your tools and accessories.
  • Go for clothes that don’t stain when they get dirty. Magnet fishing can be messy, especially when removing rusty items from the water.
  • Choose clothes that are safe to wear, and since you are working with a magnet, ensure they don’t have metals on them. Clothes can also save you from drowning. For instance, it will be easier to swim in lightweight clothes than in heavy clothes.


Many things go into magnet fishing to do what is right. One of them is having the right clothing to fish. It is easy to purchase the clothes from a fishing store and have the store deliver them to your home. Some stores offer their first-time customers a discount.

However, you shouldn’t worry so much about the clothing if you’re unable to purchase it. Every journey has a beginning. Start slow and work with what you have as long as you are comfortable.

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