Magnet fishing for beginners

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Magnet fishing can be categorized as a hobby or a sport that you do to enjoy some quiet outdoor time. Most people use this activity to bond as a family. So instead of going into open waters to fish, people opt to magnet fish since it is simple and peaceful.

For a beginner, something new might not be easy. We have created this beginner’s guide to help you understand everything before you start magnet fishing.

Like fishing, magnet fishing requires patience while you wait for your turn. The vital part of this process is using a strong fishing magnet kit that can handle any object you remove from the water, including bicycles and storage safes. The pulling force of the magnet and the rope should hold anything you pull from the water.

What do You need for Magnet Fishing?

The key to magnet fishing is having the correct equipment to handle the pull, however, without proper knowledge, it can be hard to find the hidden treasures. These include;

  1. Find the correct magnet fishing kit.
  2. Tying the correct knot
  3. After hunt care

Find the Correct Magnet fishing kit.

It would help if you had the best tools to pick the metallic items underwater to start magnet fishing. These tools can be purchased separately or in a single magnet fishing kit. It is better to buy the complete kit than buy each instrument separately. It ensures that you find the best in each product.

A good fishing magnet kit consists of a strong neodymium magnet, a nylon rope, a locking carabiner, a grappling hook, and gloves. You can find a basic magnet fishing kit for $30. As a beginner, you don’t have to purchase the most expensive equipment.

Magnet fishing kit

A strong magnet

A powerful magnet will come in handy after patiently waiting for a suitable object to hook to your magnet. Thus, it is essential to know which magnet to choose and how it will benefit you when magnet fishing.

First, ensure you purchase a neodymium magnet. It is strong with a high pulling force. The neodymium magnet can be classified into two: a single-sided magnet and a double-sided magnet.

The single-sided magnet has its magnetic side on the bottom, concentrating all the pulling force on the bottom. The double-sided magnet has its magnetic side on the bottom and the top, meaning it has multiple fishing magnets, and the pulling force is shared equally. For instance, a 400lb single-sided magnet fishing kit can handle the same load as a 1000lb double-sided magnet. Once the pull force is shared, the bottom magnet offers a pulling force of 500lbs, equivalent to the 400lbs magnet.

Also, ensure that the magnet you pick has an eye bolt to attach the rope.

Fishing magnet


People emphasize the magnet and forget about a heavy-duty rope to pull the object to the surface. A good rope should be able to handle the super-strong neodymium magnet pulling force. The rope should handle more lbs than the neodymium magnet can handle.

You should buy a nylon rope because it is heavier, thick, and can stretch under tension. It is resistant to mild and can handle pressure from the force magnet fishing kit.


Magnet fishing can be easy and, at the same, hurt you in the process. For instance, when you use gloves that are not in good shape, they can puncture, and you will hurt your hand. Never go magnet fishing with bare hands.

Good magnet fishing kits should have better gloves resistant to wear and tear. They should be resistant to water since you’ll be working with water. Pulling a wet rope with soaked gloves might not work out well. Ensure that you make the perfect choice when choosing gloves.

Tying the Correct knot

If you don’t tie a good knot, there are chances you might lose your fishing magnet. It happens to most people, but you can prevent it by ensuring you tie a good knot before you throw the magnet.

Traditionally, a knot is the weakest point of a rope. A magnet fishing kit does not come with a manual on tying a knot, but you can research and use the Palomar knot.

You can use the traditional fishing or anchor knot when it comes to a knot. Also, make sure the rope is suitable for the knot.

After hunt care

Aftercare means cleaning your fishing magnet kit. All the pieces of equipment need to be ready for the next magnet fishing adventure.

Magnets are made with rust and dust-resistant coating, but they can have cracks due to wear and tear. Double-sided magnets can have more cracks than single-sided magnets.

Dry the rope and the gloves. After cleaning, set this equipment in a safe place away from metal objects.

What is the best place for a Magnet fishing adventure

Choosing a good location for magnet fishing can improve locating an exciting object.

The first location is under bridges. Bridges can be an excellent place to find many items people drop when they are on the bridge. You should also factor in the bridge’s age when you pick the location.

Another place to consider is a river near towns. It’s interesting because the more people live in the area, the more objects have been dropped into the river.

Other areas you can choose for magnet fishing are; piers, harbors, canals, lakes, and historical sites.


Do you need a license to magnet fish?

In most areas, magnet fishing has no laws restricting people from fishing magnets. But, you should consider doing research in your location if they allow people to magnet fish freely.

Can you make money magnet fishing?

Yes, you can make money, but it’s not a ton of money because you will be selling scrap metal that you collect from the river bed.

Is magnet fishing legal?

Yes, it is legal for magnet fishers to magnet fish. There is no law restricting people from participating in this activity.

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