Best Magnet Fishing Tips To Find Treasure

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Do you think you can find treasure when you magnet fish? Yes, it’s possible to find stuff that is not junk. It’s only possible if you follow magnet fishing tips.

Magnet fishing is similar to metal detecting, and both use different types of magnets. For metal detecting, you find metals on land, while magnet fishing, you fish in water. The number of Magnet fishermen has increased because there is more treasure to be found in water than on land.

What treasure can you magnet fish for?

Before you start magnet fishing, you should know that most magnet fishing finds are by luck, and you can walk home with expensive items or, at times, nothing. The things found from magnet fishing are items dropped into the water by people who pass near the area. The water may wash some items away from distant areas.

As the name suggests, anything a magnet can attract is easy to retrieve. Items such as gold that don’t get attracted by a magnet can’t be retrieved unless they are in a metal object. Here is some magnet fishing finds to expect.

  • Bicycles
  • Cash boxes
  • Knives
  • Guns
  • Grappling hook
  • Fishing hooks and lures
  • Bolts

You should give dangerous items such as guns and bombs to the police to avoid problems. Some weapons have existed since World War II and are yet to explore, while others are used for crime and then dumped in the river or lake.

Magnet fishing tips

As a fisherman, it is important to know things that can make your fishing easier. These tips can help you know the best place for finding metal objects worth your time.

Magnet fishing requires a better understanding of your surroundings and your fishing practices. Once you master these magnet fishing tips and practices, you’ll have a high chance of finding interesting finds.

Here are the best magnet fishing tips;

Research and prepare

Research involves finding the right location for magnet fishing. Since not every river has fish, it’s the same with magnets. Some rivers can have junk which includes scrap metal and bolts. When you research, you check for previous magnet fishing spots and areas where people use them, such as on a bridge or park.

You can watch YouTube videos, find areas where people find valuable objects, and search for the coordinates if they are in your state. Such areas are hotspots, and it’s easy to find expensive items.

Preparation is key before you go out to magnet fish. To prepare, you ensure that you have the correct equipment for the journey. You have to prepare for the weather, that is, dress for the weather. Include essentials such as food, water, and Sunblock. Even though you can prepare for every challenge, it’s better to know what you will experience.

Purchase a Variety of Magnets

The best magnet to use should be a neodymium magnet, and it should have enough pulling force to handle any metal object. You can choose to have two magnets, a single-sided magnet, and a double-sided magnet. A single-sided is a stronger magnet than a double-sided one. Thus, you will use it to lift the object from the water, while the other is to scope the river bed for big items.

A magnet with a pulling force of 1000lbs is strong enough to handle big objects. However, it is better to have magnets of different sizes and shapes for effectiveness.

For instance, if you find a safe, you’ll need a 1000lb magnet for a better grip. Having more than one magnet can help you choose one, depending on the metal items.

Know the different fishing styles

The fishing styles are among the best magnet fishing tips that can help you when fishing. There are two fishing styles;

  • constantly up and down in a vertical position and
  • dragging the magnet.

The up and down method is best for bridges and piers. The single-sided magnet is the strongest magnet to handle the weight of the objects. When using this method, ensure that you don’t pull the rope with bare hands and tie strong knots to ensure the rope doesn’t break.

The best magnet to use for the dragging method is a double-sided magnet because it can catch objects from both sides. But, the type of magnet can vary depending on the water currents.

Use Strong Knots and High-quality Ropes

Without a strong knot to hold the rope together with the magnet, you are likely to lose the magnet with the items it has caught. There are different knots you can choose to tie your rope with.

The best knot should handle the weight of the magnet. Also, a good-quality rope will help when it comes to tying a knot. A knot won’t hold properly if the ropes aren’t strong and static; it doesn’t stretch. The best knot for magnet fishing is the Palomar Knot.

If you have many magnets and want to change the rope, you can use a carabiner to link the rope and the magnet. Tie the rope to the carabiner, and you have to change only the magnets from the carabiner. It should be strong to handle the pull force.

Be patient

Catching an interesting one takes time. Most beginners are impatient and want to start by getting an expensive catch. Magnet fishing is like gambling, most of it luck and good research. And all these take time to master.

Being patient is part of the game, and rushing to remove a magnet after throwing it into the water, can result in you not pulling any object. You can enjoy nature as you wait for objects to stick to the magnet


Before you begin your magnet fishing journey, ensure that you understand what you will find and what you should look for in the water. Magnet fishing is easy and fun, but it’s still dangerous, and you injure yourself. Also, check with authorities for any rules and guidelines before you start fishing. It can help you avoid any legal charges.

In conclusion, magnet fishing tips are necessary to help you navigate to look for metal objects. Now that you have tips at your disposal, you need to go out there and start your magnet fishing finds journey.


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